Sumber Samudra Sdn. Bhd was incorporated under the Malaysian Company Act 1065 on the 18th April 1977. The company registration No. is 32521-K. The authorized capital is RM5 million, and the paid up capital is RM1.1 million. The Company owns and operates from four adjoining land known as Lot 2798, 2799, 2880 & 2881, Mukin Durien Sebatang, Daerah Hilir Perak, Perak, Malaysia. The principal business is boat building & repair.

Sumber Samudra Sdn. Bhd. has registered with the Malaysian Ministry of Finance with the No. 357-00005298. With this registration, the Company has been building and repairing boats for various Government agencies ever since. The company has also being recognized as a bona fide ship builder and repairer, and been granted the exemption of import duty and sales tax via a letter (8.20)116/5/1-14604 (11) dated 5 September 2001.

Sumber Samudra Sdn. Bhd. started as a wooden boat builder. The largest wooden vessel built is the 80 ft trawler for operation in Terengganu. Besides building fishing boats for local customers, the Company has built many recreational boats for export to overseas that includes a 34ft motor yacht which sailed on its own power to New Zealand. The Company has also build a luxurious motor yacht which took part in the Dusseldorf International Boat Show in 1980, the first Malaysian boat builder to do so.

Sumber Samudra Sdn. Bhd. has ventured into fiberglass boat building in 1980 by signing a technical cooperation agreement with a well known Australian company. Armed with the technical transfer and the moulds of a proven boat design, the Company won the tender to build and deliver 20 units of 6.5m high speed patrol boats for the Department of Fisheries. The boats were built in the air-conditioned, and humidity controlled laminating workshop approved by the LloydĄ¯s Register of Shipping of London, and to the standard required by that classification society. Since then the Company has build many fiberglass boats for a variety of satisfying customers.

Later, Sumber Samudra Sdn. Bhd. has acquired the rights from a well known racing boat manufacturer in England, and built high performance boats for the Light Dues Board, and various Government agencies. In 1993, the Company signed an agreement with the Asia Pacific Development Corporation of Japan to design, build, & delivery of many GRP fishing boats to the South Pacific nations.

In 1995, the Company designed, built, & delivered a 51ft GRP research vessel to the Universiti Pertanian Malaysia (now known as University Putra Malaysia). In 1997, the Company designed, built & delivered a 22m research vessel for the Department of Fisheries, the largest GRP vessel ever built in Malaysia. All the above vessels were built under the classification of Det Norske Veritas (DNV).

Starting in 2000, Sumber Samudra Sdn. Bhd. has ventured into aluminium and steel boat building as well. In 2002, the Company has delivered a 26m steel research cum training vessel to the Department of Fisheries. The vessel was built under the survey of Det Norske Veritas (DNV). The company has delivered two units of 30.5m 40 ton bollard pull tugboat on the 5th of August, 2005 & 5th September, 2005 to Messrs. E. A. Technique Sdn. Bhd. for operation at PetronasĄ¯s Kertih Port. The tugboats are being built under the survey of Bureau Veritas (BV). In 2004, the Company has built and delivered 10 units of aluminium work boat to the Marine Department.

Sumber Samudra Sdn. Bhd. has delivered on 28th October an aluminium security patrol boat for use in PETRONASĄ¯s Sungai Udang Port, and has completed a 40 knot aluminium patrol craft for enforcement purposes at the end of 2005. The Company has also just delivered a purpose built 7.8m GRP workboat for the Department of Fisheries, Perak for use in Temengor Lake.

Sumber Samudra has signed a contract with Messrs. E. A. Technique (M) Sdn. Bhd. to build one unit of 85m 4200 DWT oil tanker. The oil tanker is being built at a 2 ha new shipyard 6 km from the existing yard. At our original boatyard, we are building 3 units of 8m x 3m GRP shell cleaning barge for delivery to Arafura Pearls Holding Pte. Ltd. of Darwin, Australia in September 2006.

In short, Sumber Samudra Sdn. Bhd. has over the pass 32 years, gained experience, expertise, and reputation as one of quality boat/ship builders in Malaysia for wooden, FRP, aluminium, and steel boat/ship building. The Company is capable of building boats/ships to meet the requirement and satisfaction of customers.